Radio Western - Special Programming - Word Up!

Word Up! 2018

Word Up! The first annual 24 Hour Hip-Hop day will be celebrated on Hip-Hop’s birthday. 

Saturday August 11th marks the 45th anniversary from what is said to be the dawn of Hip-Hop’s beginnings. DJ Hullewud host of Break North Radio spearheads this epic day in conjunction with Radio Western to pay homage to the Hip-Hop culture and artform.

Interviews with Hip-Hop influencers, Hip-Hop fueled content, music and history will be broadcast throughout the day. Hip-Hop Jeopardy trivia with on-air giveaways will also weave itself throughout the 24 hours.

Shout-outs to our sponsors; The Jump Off, PA Shop, Underground Barbershop, NYC Stylz and United Kutz.

Tune into 94.9 Radio Western on Saturday Aug 11th for 24 hours of programming dedicated to Hip-Hop culture!

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