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Windsor Ends Western's Playoffs In OUA Men's B-ball

Roger Cumberbatch

The world of Sports, is not reality to most of us in the outside world.  To the athletes, however, the emotion, and all that goes with their sports, is very real to them.  The post season, or playoffs, brings a genuine feeling of being on a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Win or lose, the ups and downs, crazy finishes, that come with playoff action, matter only to those involved, but make no mistake about it, it matters.  Winning or losing a playoff match or series, does not equate to acing or failing an exam.  The final score, or final results of a series, have no influence on whether someone lives, or dies.  The most common comparison by athletes in the playoffs, is to a battle in a war.  Again, this is not to say playing a sporting game, is equal to fighting in a war, but there are comparable aspects of each.  There is a feeling of honour, tradition, loyalty, and a never quit mentality, that both war and sports share.  Strapping on the same uniform, going out together and having each other’s backs, no matter the situation, could easily describe the sense of pride and comradery in war, or a battle on the playing field.  The Western Mustangs Men’s Basketball team, went to war on the hardwood, against the Windsor Lancers on Saturday afternoon at Alumni Hall.  Unfortunately for the Mustangs, and their faithful who crammed the stands to cheer them on, the Lancers won the war, 89-72.  Western put up a strong fight, but in the end, someone had to lose.