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Mustangs Softball - A Provincial Dynasty

Roger Cumberbatch

Dynasty:  A powerful group or family that maintains its position for a considerable time. That bests describes the Western Mustangs Softball team.  13 seasons in a row winning the regular season title, winners of 5 National Championships out of 7 trips, 10 Provincial Championships, of which now the last 8 were consecutive, and 2 Provincial Silver Medals in the last 12 seasons.  Coupled with a roster boasting several Senior players with 3 or more titles as members of the Mustangs Softball teams.  This kind of reign over a team sport is almost unmatched anywhere when one really examines the Western Mustangs Fastpitch/Softball team and compares them to some other so-called Dynasties in the world of sports.  The New England Patriots have 5 Super Bowls wins in 7 trips over the course of 17 years. Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers of the 1980’s won 4 straight Stanley Cups.  Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls won 6 NBA titles, twice with a three-peat, but taking place over 8 seasons, part of which Jordan sat out due to retirement and pursuing a baseball career.  The closest thing any of us, including our grandparents have seen to the kind of domination that Western has displayed since their inaugural season, may be Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics.  Russell and his Celtics won 11 titles during his 13 year career, but still, winning only 7 in a row.