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Women's Rugby Win Consolation Final

Roger Cumberbatch

There is an unfortunate stigma in Sports, that is attached to a Consolation Final; it is perceived that the two teams involved, were not good enough to play for the Championship, or that there is no meaning or purpose in being crowned the winner.  When and where this perception was born?  Not sure anyone really knows.  However, one thing was for certain regarding the OUA 2017 Women’s Rugby Consolation Finals, a win for either the Western Mustangs or the Brock Badgers on Friday night, would have huge implications for the future.  A Mustangs’ or Badgers victory, ensures the winner advances and plays their season in a higher, more elite, division, named the Shiels Division.  There is also the pride factor of any athlete who has competed for a title of any kind.  Pride was definitely on the line at Alumni Field in London, the host team Western didn't win a single game all season (0-4), but beat Toronto and Trent in the playoffs to get to the Consolation Final, knew they were in for a battle against the Brock Badgers.