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McGill Schools Western - Preseason Action

Roger Cumberbatch

Reading week is usually a time for students to go back to their hometowns to visit family, go on a vacation, take some extra shifts at their part time job, work on assignments, study, or simply relax.  This week was Western’s reading week, and one thing that is not par for the course during this week, is being tested.  In a week dedicated to being away from your studies, it is ironic that Western’s Women’s Basketball team, prepared to face their toughest test of the preseason.  The Mustangs were heading into action Saturday undefeated (4-0) in the preseason thus far, including a lop-sided dismantling of St. Clair College on Friday evening 91-45, but on the opposite side of the court stood the McGill Martlets.  Why is it a test for Western to be facing McGill?  Only because the Martlets are the defending 2016 USports National Champions.  McGill has faced two NCAA basketball teams in the preseason, winning a close won by 2, and losing another close one by 2.  No doubt, the Mustangs knew they were in for a long night, against arguably, the toughest competition they will face this season.  One thing was for certain, the crowd at Alumni Hall on Saturday night, was about to witness basketball on another level.