Muttley Crew dog show

Cocoa and Canines at UWO Residences


What’s the best way to distract yourself this November? Animals and chocolate!

Many students living in residence are first year students who may be struggling with approaching deadlines, disappearing daylight, and homesickness. RezLife’s Cocoa & Canines event series can help provide some relief to students who may be struggling and need to de-stress.

Throughout November, Muttley Crew Dog Show and Therapy Dogs will be visiting Western residences. The events will be open to anyone living in residence and will give students the chance to pet the dogs! Hot cocoa will also be provided by the residences to help create a cozy atmosphere.

The trick show at Elgin Hall on Tuesday, November 12, featured a basketball game between four of Muttley Crew’s dogs, each showcasing their adorable personalities. Muttley Crew will be visiting Ontario Hall on November 16, Medway-Sydenham Hall on November 23, and Saugeen-Maitland Hall on November 29.

Muttley Crew have also performed at long-term care homes, providing services to older adults, as well as Pawlooza, London’s summer dog festival.

“For both young and old, dogs are really something that brings people together and get people happy.“ said Muttley Crew’s Nicole Neil.

Therapy dogs will also be touring Western residences.They will be set to visit Essex Hall on November 13, and Delaware Hall on November 23. Therapy dogs are very used to attention and will be happy to see any students in need of cheering up.

“Taking it in small pieces and finding time to enjoy yourself, like with dogs or with your friends or having a coffee and finding those good moments in the day that you can push through to the next thing,” said Neil when asked if she had any advice for students who may be struggling.

University can be stressful and it’s important to make time for wellness and stress relief during the busiest periods. If you or someone you know is having trouble balancing stress or prioritizing their well-being on campus, we have services available for additional support.

Health and Wellness at Western University can be reached by emailing or if the problem is immediate, Western has an emergency crisis helpline available at 519-661-3030. More specific resources and programs can be found at Health and Wellness Western’s website.