Owen signals to Charlie as he serves

Beach Volleyball

2018 Ontario Summer Games


At the beach volleyball event at the Ontario Summer Games, there is teams across a spectrum of ages, and experience but had different levels of teamwork. Some players hardly knew what their teammate's favourite ice cream flavour was while others showed much more familiarity as they had been playing together for nearly two years.

With exceptional skill and team work, Charlie Ellinas and Owen Hollett of Region 5 finished their first day undefeated. A nail-biter 3 set match saw them execute high spikes and low digs. Keep an eye on this duo in the future!  

The leaders at the end of day 1:



Pool A Josiephine Sek / Ava Khademi (R5)

Pool B Carlie Pappano / Joelle Horner (R2)

Pool C Anna Scarfe / Allison Douglas (R3)


Pool A Samuel Deschenes / Tristan Sigouin (R6)

Pool B Charlie Ellinas and Owen Hollett of region 5

Pool C Nathan Dunne / Matthew Rugosi (R5)


Detailed scores can be accessed at: