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Elite Brock, Badger Western In Blowout Win

Roger Cumberbatch

In sports, the measuring stick analogy is often used.  Many teams in various sports, attempt to evaluate the progress of their own teams, by comparing themselves to the better teams in their leagues, or a team that they are challenging for the division lead in the standings. Wednesday evening, Seniors night, honouring both the Women’s and Men’s players in their final year of eligibility to play, just such a team walked into Alumni Hall to face the Western Mustangs’ Men’s Basketball team. If Western wanted to measure up against top competition, their opponents, the Brock Badgers were not a bad choice.  Brock sported a 20-2 record, and were on an 11 game winning streak, prior to their game versus the Mustangs.  The Badgers were 1st in the OUA West division standings, kilometres ahead of Western, with no chance of being caught, having only 1 game left after this one is over.  The Mustangs were not in search of validation of their season, but a win against the division leading Brock, would go along way to gaining momentum for their playoff run, which starts in the semi-finals, thanks to earning a 1st round bye. The main goal for Western, however, should be to emerge with some knowledge and results about their regular season progression thus far, but more importantly, to come out of this game injury-free.