Radio Western - London Lightning - Candian National Anthem

Lightning Take Down Rival Express In Pre-Season Action

Roger Cumberbatch

Rivalries between teams, can be amusing to the casual sports fan, but to fans and teams involved in the rivalry, there is nothing funny about the atmosphere surrounding these games. Whether it be in exhibition, regular season, or in the playoffs, some teams naturally or artificially develop a rivalry that starts on the court (in the case of Basketball), and spreads into the audience watching in person, or fans of either side tuning in via some method. In some cases, a healthy hatred is born from geography, simply how close in proximity teams are to each other on the map. Schedule makers are thoroughly enthused when presented with a known rivalry between teams. When teams reside near one another, it is almost automatic that they will be scheduled to face each other more times than teams that are further apart. For the London Lightning and the Windsor Express, it matters not what the rosters are, who the coaches are, or in which gym the games are being played, all that matters are the 2 teams facing each other.

London and Windsor took to the hardwood on November 12th, in what was only supposed to be the last exhibition game before the regular season started.  Good intentions, turned into a war.  Budweiser Gardens last saw the Lightning in action 2 weeks ago.  If the intense atmosphere, particularly the play in the final quarter was an indication of how prepared London was for the regular season, and how willing they were to maintain their rivalry with the Express, fans of the team would be in for another magical season.