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NEWSCAST - Monday 11th January 2021

Pritha Mukherji


- Ontario is reporting 3,338 new cases of the coronavirus on Monday, bringing the provincial total to 219,120. Monday’s case count is lower than Sunday’s which saw 3,945 new infections. On Saturday, 3,443 new cases were reported and 4,249 on Friday.


Western announced scholarships for students in the field of science in memory of four Iranian students namely Hadis Hayatdavoudi, Ghazal Nourian, Milad Nahavandi and Sajedeh Saraeian. These were the four students who tragically lost their lives in the Flight PS752 which was shot down in Iran and cost 176 lives. 


- Dr. Paul Woods has been evicted from his position of President and CEO of the London Health Science Center. The news comes following revelations that Woods travelled to the U.S. several times during the pandemic, most recently around Christmas.


Democrats have introduced an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump for his role in last week's deadly invasion of the Capitol.The article filed in the House on Monday accuses Mr Trump of "incitement of insurrection".


On Tuesday, expect a temperature of -1 degrees with cloudy skies. Moving onto Wednesday expect temperatures to be 3 degrees with sunny skies. Expect temperatures to be at a max. Of 3 degrees.