News Update

Newscast Tuesday December 8 2020

Navaneeth Mohan


The Middlesex-London health unit is reporting 16 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday.That is the lowest count in more than a week.

The USC is bringing late-night pizza and wellness kits to student neighbourhoods this year, a pandemic replacement for their traditional late-night breakfast exam destress event.

Two men from London, Ont., have been arrested after Middlesex OPP foiled an alleged attempt to smuggle drugs into the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre (EMDC).

Similar to yesterday, today has seen sunny clear skies with daytime highs of 1 that feel like -3. Overnight the mercury will dip to freezing and be accompanied by scattered flurries. 
Tomorrow will see cloudier skies with slightly higher temperatures and on Thursday expect lots of sun with daytime highs of 4.