Radio Western News Update

NEWSCAST: Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Shloak Srivastava

- Ontario reported another 783 cases of COVID-19 today with an additional 779 recoveries and almost 40,000 tests done.  

- Western Technology Services restored access to the OWL site but said they are still not sure what caused the almost two-hour shut down yesterday. 

- The Thames Valley Family Health Team (TVFHT), which manages both the Oakridge Arena and the Carling Heights assessment center, introduced the online booking tool in an effort to make the process more accessible compared to the voicemail system. 

- Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for southern and central Alberta, warning snow and strong winds are expected on Friday. 

- The Western Hockey League’s board of governors announced on Wednesday that the junior hockey league’s next regular season is scheduled to begin in early 2021.

- Expect the temperatures to be ranging between 3 and 12 degrees Celsius today. The day will experience rain and chilly weather. On Wednesday, expect the temperatures to be around 10 degrees Celsius.