USC Day 2019 booths

Community Organizations Out for USC Day 2019


Getting involved with your campus community can make all the difference.


Western University’s USC Day is an annual event for organizations on campus to spread out on the concrete beach and reach out to the Western community. These groups provide information about available services such as the food bank on campus, or the peer support centre, as well as potential opportunities to get involved. Western University’s debate club, Western theatre, and the science student council were three of the groups that promoted their student events and services at USC Day. During their interviews, representatives from each group had some advice for students that are coming to Western.



“Do what you love,” encourages Sean from UWO’s science student council. “If there’s something you’re really interested in, just dive headfirst into it and it’s gonna be really rewarding.”



These organizations are all committed to enriching the student experience and providing students with the space and resources to thrive. Regardless of what experience you are looking for at Western, there is an organization to support you. While organizations like the science student council facilitate events and provides resources specifically directed toward science students, the debate club may hold appeal for students from any academic background.


Ethan from the debate society expresses his appreciation for his community, and encourages people to reach out. “It’s easy to be isolated in university: [we] have a strong community of, not like-minded people because we disagree with each other often, shockingly, but of people who are willing to have these weird long discussions.”



Western’s peer support centre and food bank also offer volunteer opportunities for those who are interested. These groups provide much needed support for students who are struggling or just want to reach out to someone. The food bank provides completely anonymous resources for anyone experiencing food insecurity. The peer support centre is there for students to use when they’re in crisis, or even when they just want a place to hang out in between classes. While every student may be facing unique challenges, knowing that someone cares can make all the difference.


“Even when you think you’re alone, you’re not. You’re never alone,” assures a representative from the peer support centre.



USC day only covered a fraction of the community organizations present on Western University’s campus. Whether you are new to the school or are a veteran student coming back, it’s worth it to reach out and see how you can enrich your experience. There’s something out there for you.