Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Friday, August 31st, 2018

Ariana Magliocco

In Campus News: 
- The Western community is mourning the death of graduate student Hessam Yousefi, an international student from Iran.
- He was a Master’s student in Engineering Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and had also served at Western as a teaching assistant and research assistant.
- Hessam had fought a long battle with lung cancer, and we offer condolences to his family in Iran and to friends among the Western community.
- Today, Western will lower the flag on University College in Hessam’s honour.
- A celebration of life will also take place today at 11:30 a.m. in the International Graduate Affairs Building Atrium. All campus community members are welcome.
- The Western community joins Hessam’s family in mourning this loss. Counselling services are available to assist faculty, students and staff; and a guide to various supports can be found at Western’s Health and Wellness website.

- Research shows point-of-purchase labels and reward cards improve the consumption of healthy foods in university dining halls.
- A recently published research paper by a team of professors, graduate students, and the Nutrition Manager at Western University shows that point-of-purchase labels and reward cards improve the consumption of healthy foods in university dining halls.
- Healthy food items available in Western’s dining halls labelled ‘FRESH Approved’ proved to be less expensive, available more often, and sold more often than other menu items.
- The analysis showed that fruit sales increased, offsetting the cost of the free fruit or milk that students received for redeeming fully-stamped cards.
- Overall the reward program incentivized students to eat healthier.
- FRESH (Food Resources and Education for Student Health) is a multi-strategy nutrition education program that improves knowledge, builds skills, and influences the campus food environment at Western University.
- It is a joint initiative between Hospitality Services at Western and the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Brescia University College.
- This research focused on the sale of menu items with ‘FRESH Approved’ point-of-purchase labels in the residence dining halls at Western.
- ‘FRESH Approved’ labels flag healthier menu options.
- The study analyzed the sales data of FRESH Approved menu items versus non-FRESH Approved items, pre- and post-implementation of the FRESH program. 
- It also assessed the impact of the FRESH Reward Card (FRC) program on fruit sales, pre- and post- implementation.

In Local News: 
- With labour weekend right around the corner, make sure you get any last minute errands done before Monday rolls around, as Banks, libraries, government offices, childcare centres as well as most grocery and drug stores will be closed.
- Labour day originated out of a 1872 demonstration wherein some 2,000 workers marched through the city  in support of the Toronto printing Union who had been on strike for almost a month at this point, demanding  9 hour work days.
- At this point, it was customary for people to work over 12 hours days. In response to this, Parliament passed the Trade Union Act, which legalized and protected union activity, on June 14th the following year.

In Sports: 
- This afternoon your Western Mustangs soccer teams are hosting the McMaster Marauders in their 2018 Home Opener.
- The ladies have their match at 1pm, entering the game with a 1-0-1 record, thanks to a win and tie against York and Guelph respectively last weekend.  
- Western held the edge on McMaster last season, defeating them both at home and on the road.
- The gentlemen follow the girls with their match at 3:15pm, they’ll be looking for their first win of the 2018 season.  
- After tying both York and Guelph by a score of 1-1. Catch both games today on campus at Mustang Field.

In Weather:
- It’ll be a warm labour day weekend, but that doesn't mean it will be without that rain we’ve become so accustomed to this summer. You can expect a sunny high of 28 on Saturday, before welcoming the risk of thunderstorms and a high of 29 degrees on Sunday and Monday.