Brescia's Dr. Frederking

Brescia's new Vice-Principal and Academic Dean

Dr. Lauretta Frederking

John Urban

As of Canada Day, Brescia University College has a new Vice-Principal and Academic Dean in Dr. Lauretta Frederking.  She is an expert in the field of Political Science, who holds a BA from the University of Toronto, an MA from Columbia University and a PhD from Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Frederking finally gets to come back to her hometown of London-- something that she holds dear: “coming home is tremendous opportunity to reconnect and to contribute the communities that shape me.”

The search process actually began last summer and spanned the globe internationally, with Dr. Frederking’s belief in education of the whole person was a perfect fit for Brescia’s goals for the future. As the University College approaches it's 100th anniversary, she sees nothing but opportunities moving forward:  “...I see opportunities, instead of challenges and I definitely see myself as part of teams that approach challenges together.”

Prior to taking the position, she was the Associate Provost at the University of Portland, where she had spent the last 15 years of her career.  While at the University of Portland, she was also a member of the President’s Leadership Cabinet and was also on the Chair of the University Core Curriculum Committee.  Despite a big change in scenery, Dr. Frederking sees a lot of similarities with her new position from her old role:  "We were engaging in discussions and implementing a strategic plan; Vision 2020 and I'm stepping into an environment where we are also implementing our strategic plan."  

She started her career at Washington University providing lectures as an Adjunct Professor of Political Science.  She would also teach in the same role at St. Louis University prior to taking the job at the University of Portland.  She discussed the importance education plays in empowerment today of young women: "I think that education is critical for all of us to grow and to be leaders for solving the great problems in the world today.  I think education can be opening doors, where those doors have been historically closed for young women and for young people generally."

Dr. Frederking brings over 20 years of teaching and research expertise back to her hometown and looks to empower future females at Brescia University College’s with her hands-on, interactive approach moving forward.