Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Friday May 25th

Greg Bowman

Navaneeth Mohan brings you this morning's news

- Western researchers have some new advice for patients with kidney failure. Though kidney patients are often advised to drink more water, researchers at Western decided to put that advice to test. Drs. William Clark and Susan Huang, of Schulich school of medicine and dentistry, who are also scientists at Lawson health research institute,  conducted a year long study, performed across hospitals in 5 Ontario cities, with 630 participants. The results show that increased water intake did not slow the loss of kidney function. Their research has now opened new investigations towards personalized medical care.  

- Friends Of The Garden at Western University, a community of gardeners, have opened up for their first annual plant sale. Hosting a wide range of perennials, shrubs, and vegetables, the greenhouse is located east of the Biological and Geological Sciences building. For more information on days and times

- Toronto has managed to decrease it's resident's reliance on food banks by providing free education and prescriptions for the needy. Yet, London is struggling with recession-like syndromes. Addiction, poverty, and unemployment are the biggest culprits forcing over 3000 visits to the food bank by it's residents every month. 

- London FC Women's team push past the Oakville Blue Devils with a 45th minute goal from Jade Koacevic. The seventh goal in four games, Jade has bagged over half of her team's total goals this year. So far, London has 3 victories, 1 tie, and 0 losses this year. Their next game will be on June 2nd against Aurora. 

- The weekend's weather is hot and rainy and everything we despise about the summer. Today's temperature is at 29 degrees, a seasonal high in 40 years. The high will cool off with some thunderstorms all weekend long.