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Sound of Science: Episode 5 Dr. Jan Cami and Dr. Laurence De Looze

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The idea of life beyond Earth is one that has fascinated many of us from a young age and has made its way into much of our popular culture. This episode, we bridge the disciplines of linguistics and physics to feature the story of our search for extraterrestrial life and how it may change how we see our human society. 

Hosted by Mike Ge, Maximillian Soltysiak, and Erik Weise.

Research review by Andrey Petropavloskiy and Erik Weise.

Dr. Cami (Western professor and SETI scientist) introduces his research into molecular spectroscopy and how he has used it to find amino acids, basic protein building blocks, in space!

Dr. de Looze draws upon his extensive background in linguistics to discuss the basic components of communication and what a conversation with alien life may look like.

Sound of Science group

Thank you to Erik Weise, a 2nd year Pure Math student doing research on the philosophy of biology, for helping with research and hosting this episode of Sound of Science. It was a pleasure to work with you!