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The Easy Truth Episode 1 – The Media

Richard Raycraft

Radio Western is proud to present The Easy Truth, a new show from fourth-year history student and Western Gazette sports editor Mike DeBoer.

The show is about free speech – DeBoer will discuss the big ideas and issues that can be difficult to talk about in a campus environment. The Easy Truth will feature guests each episode who can feel comfortable expressing their beliefs, and engage in informative, entertaining conversation.

In the series debut, DeBoer is joined by Gazette Editor-in-Chief Amy O'Kruk and Western student and Daily Wire contributor Josh Eisen.

The past year has been a difficult one for the media as an institution and journalism as a profession. From fake news to declining public trust to clickbait, the way forward for the fourth estate is uncertain, both on and off-campus. DeBoer asks O'Kruk and Eisen the important questions about the role of the media in this first episode of Radio Western's newest show.