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Radio What Wave Playlist August 25th 2017

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Radio What Wave Playlist August 25/2017. Live to Air with Mack MacKenzie

1. Flying Squad….Fie On You….from Four Whom The Bell Tolls, the 7” EP that came with What Wave zine #16 ,  came out fall 1988. This was our first record and we learned a lot from the experience. This whole set goes out to Kerry Piper, drummer for Flying Squad, who is at home on the highway to recovery!!

2. Flying Squad….Ronnies Raygun/Question Of Temperature….late 80’s demos and Ronnie’s Raygun appeared on the cassette Wave From The Grave #2 that came with What Wave zine #12 back in the spring of 1987.

3. Flying Squad….Brian Mulroney…..early 90’s demo with Kerry Piper moved up to vocals.

4. Flying Squad….Health Food…from the compilation LP Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood, came out in 1989 on the OG/What Wave label. This is the song that most remember Flying Squad for…a classic shot of guitar noise and attitude!

5. Sonny Burgess….Red Headed Woman….from the Legendary Sun Sessions LP and Sonny’s best known song. Sonny passed away last weekend, one of the last of the original Sun Session crazies! Sonny and Conway Twitty came up to Canada on the advice of Rockin’ Ronnie Hawkins, Sonny stayed for part of a year before heading back to Memphis. Haven’t been able to find proof, but there’s a really good chance he played here in London back in 1960….Conway definitely did shows here in London, but he stayed in Canada much longer than Sonny.

6. Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders….Known To Stumble, Known To Fall….from a recent single on Beluga Records out of Sweden. Pat was in The Lazy Cowgirls for many years and remember going down to Call The Office to catch them, and they were stuck at the border trying to enter Canada. They never did make the show….not the first or last time for this kind of thing to happen, as London is often the first stop for US touring bands.

7. Sonny Burgess…We Wanna Boogie….the flip side of Red Headed Woman and another cooker. RIP to Sonny!

8. Hiroshima Hearts….Pistol….from their recent Bone EP and they’ve got a record release happening at Aeolian Hall on September 16th. We did the world premiere of the record a couple weeks back on Radio WW. Thanx to Jenn and Michael for dropping by on that show!

9. Mack MacKenzie….Not Your Indian Boy….this is our live to air with Mack MacKenzie and was being filmed for part of a documentary by Marc De Mouy.  From what I could hear in the onair booth, the sound going out was just Excellent!! Huge Thanx to Adam Courts and his crew here at CHRW for making it sound so good!!

10. Mack MacKenzie….Second Hand Couch….as above.

11. Mack MacKenzie…Ballad Of An Ignorant Man…. As above

12. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me….as above and sent out to the DJ….LOL

13. Mack MacKenzie….Nightmares…. as above.

14. Mack MacKenzie….Muscle In… as above

15. Roger Zuraw….I’ve Got A Hunch….from our good pal in Etobicoke and he’s going to the  horse races and going to win a fortune….LOL.

16. Peter And The Wolves….Hey Hey Veronica…from a live download and they are coming to the Richmond Tavern on Thursday September 7th. Rockabilly via Calgary Alberta.

17. The Darts….Strange Days….from their soon to be released LP Me.ow on the Dirty Water label out of the UK. This song was released as a video this week to help get the news out about the upcoming LP.

Right around this time Mack came into the onair studio to talk about things….like his late 70’s/early 80’s combo Sid Serious and the Pseuds, the big tour he’s on, upcoming re-ishes of all his back catalogue and lots of other crazy things! Mack plays  Fitzrays on Wednesday August 30th at 11PM and it’s a free show.

18. Sid Serious and the Pseuds….I Live For TV….from a youtube video. The band did release a cassette and Mack has promised to send the songs our way!

19. 3 O’Clock Train…..Train Of Dreams….from the Wig Wam Beach EP from the mid 80’s Mack explained they recorded this EP 3 times before they got the sound they were after!  This is also the song many know the band from!

20. 3 O’Clock Train….Love To Rain….from the Muscle In LP that came out Feb 14th 1987, which explains the red cover Mack joked to us off air!

21. The Judys….Revolution Blues….from their recent CD and from Vancouver. This is the start of our revolution set due to some things happening south of the border. A peaceful revolution is what we want!

22. Immortal Lee County Killers….Revolution Summer….from the 2005 CD, These Bones Will Rise To Love Again. Caught these guys at Call The Office just after this came out and prior to the band breakup. And they were Fantastic!! This show is etched into my brain forever and made me an instant fan that night!!

23. Delta 72…Get Down…from The R&B Of Membership CD from 1996 on the Touch and Go Label.

24. James Brown….Get Up, Get Down, Get Into It, and Get Involved…..from the 1971 Live in Paris CD (Love Power Peace) and sums up what we all should be doing right now!!

25. Elvis Costello….What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding….from the 1978 Armed Forces LP and sums up everything!!! Thanx to Nick Lowe for writing this amazing song that still means so much today!!


Huge Thanx to Mack MacKenzie for dropping by to do the live to air and talk onair about stuff and things!! It was a Blast!! You can catch Mack at Fitzrays on Wednesday August 30th and he goes on around 11PM.  And thanx to Adam Courts, his sound crew and CHRW for letting us do the live to air!!