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Reminiscing with NIGHT BASS boss, AC SLATER

Gobs Sun Oct 27th

Gobs here. Music's boyfriend and host of the TOP 30 COUNTDOWN.

AC SLATER is an increasingly new name on peoples lips, but I've been following him since the early 2000's when we were both performing at raves together. Back then, AC had just launched his first label and was touring around North America, partying hard and causing trouble. Flash forward almost 20 years, and AC is now boss of the infamous NIGHT BASS label, which began as a small L.A. club night and has quickly grown into a phenomenon that has changed the sound of underground dance music.

I kicked it with AC during his set at PARK JAM. Afterwords, we had a long conversation about touring, Diplo, Night Bass, his brand new Hi8 album, and his love affair with Ontario. Ac told me the CRAZIEST ROAD STORY, and at one point, I accidentally told him to LEAVE HIS WIFE. It'll make sense when you hear it :P

This is the Hi8 PROMO CLIP that AC showed me. It's chaos!!


“Bad Behaviour” feat. Chris Lorenzo & Purple Velvet Curtains

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Check out the full Hi8 ALBUM!

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