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DJ mediafrenzy in conversation with Chastity's Brandon Williams

Melissa Parrott Fri Apr 26th

DJ mediafrenzy chats with Chastity frontman Brandon Williams prior to the band’s show last Sunday, April 21st at the Rec Room in London.

Brandon’s on the road, somewhere in Wisconsin (he thinks), and winding up a long tour through many states and countless bizarre US gas stations. Nearly back home to Whitby Ontario, they talk about the tour, the tunes, the suburbs, and an indie-studded, ax-stacked music video, featuring many, many guitars.

Watch the video for Chastity's latest single, "Innocence," below. 

Death Lust Cuts, a collection of 4 songs cut from Chastity's latest LP Death Lust, is out now via Captured Tracks. Listen below.