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CrazyTalk: Words Crushing Stigma

Oshi Rathnayake Tue Oct 16th

I got a chance to speak to Maggie Pajak, the brains behind the amazing initiative CrazyTalk. They saw their third installment on October 11th at Innovation Works. There was a musical aspect to the talks, with each speaker finishing off with their own touch of  music. You saw a songwriter sing his songs for the first time, a rapper questioning identity and a cover of a song that had people moved to tears. 


Each speaker had a unique story. Sam Dow spoke about how what you might see in a written report does not translate to who we really are. Heath Lambert took a look at the toxic masculinity that still persists in Hip-hop. Evodi Bashaing spoke about her life and hardships and how she was able to turn it around, and now supports her community to be open and honest. 

Each story had people thinking. CrazyTalk promotes conversation, and looks to squash stigma. Everyone’s story deserves to be told and everybody’s journey is important. This platform just reminds you of that and that you are not alone. 

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