Classified with Choclair and Maestro Fresh Wes, London Music Hall Oct 19/18
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The Canadian Classic Tour: Classified ft. Choclair & Maestro Fresh Wes

Break North Radio Trish Kiwanuka Sat Oct 20th

Oh Canada!!!

On Friday October 19th, 48 hours after legalization of marijuana came to reality. Our Canadian Classic Tour passed through the London Music Hall for their London stop of their nationwide tour.

The night was busy and buzzing with excitement, the crowd was married with cross demographics of young, older, high shcool kids, kids, parents, Hip-Hop heads and weed smokers combined. To be frank, Classified fans come in all shapes and sizes and colours.

It may have helped that Classified decided to add Canadian Hip-Hop legends, Choclair and Maestro Fresh Wes on his tour. The older generation was able to come get a dose of nostalgia, while the true Classified fans got to be schooled and experience witnessing these particular acts in the flesh, a rare opportunity.

Although the crowd was not encouraged to light it up during the show, there were a few who took it upon themselves to celebrate the new legalization in effect. It was a positive vibe and a packed house! 

The local opener was a young MC who had never performed before, and got the experience of a life-time as there was 500+ sets of eyes on him during his set. 

By the time Choclair came out, he had DJ IV spinning for him, with support from Bishop Brigante, they took the crowd "from a 5 to a 9 to a 10". Both performers did a quick set with a mix of Choclairs classics, like "Let's Ride" and newer tracks like "Move Mountains" Bishop had a chance to perform a new single as well.

Maestro Fresh Wes came out next, he performed his classic "Drop the Needle"... "Stick to Your Vision" more recent tracks "I Know Your Mom" and the latest new single with Toronto MC Adam Bomb "Somewhere Down the Line." He made reference to letting your "backbone slide" over to the merch booth and support the merch sales. This got a few chuckles.

Classified had a vocalist/pianist that stole the show, he had just joined the band 3 weeks prior. Classified had his brother Mic Boyd on a few tracks, a bass guitar player, his DJ, DJ IV and a stacked entourage adlibing tracks throughout the show.
Class performed a lot of new singles, also tracks off the new record "Tomorrow Could Be The Day Things Change." In which he released half of the record back in June of this year, and the other half
Tuesday, October 16th.

Classified touched on a few relevant political issues in his track "Powerless" where is discusses his frustrations for the crimes against missing and slaughtered Indigenous women. There were plenty of cheers from the crowd for this specific song, Classified noting that his Grandmother was indeed mixed with Native heritage also. He took it back to the "Embassy" days by performing 5th element, and spoke about London being his favourite city to perform in hands down. With almost 20 years from his first performance here in London, it was a warm felt reunion for both London and Classified.

Highlights of the night included Classified asking a volunteer to help sing Chad Hatcher's part on the song "It's All About You" and a young girl was called up. She ended up surfing the crowd after her performance and the crowd had a great time participating in this. The crowd also got to partake in a lot of crowd control, left and right side competition and back and forth with Classified and Mic Boyd. DJ IV was on point with sound effects, explosions and horns between tracks and the London Music Hall did an awesome job with the light show!

If you missed this Canadian Classic Tour here in London, you definitely missed a show that might not ever be recreated. If you love Canadian Hip-Hop, this show covered all the stops, 80's, 90's to now.

What's good London? 

That's what's good.