Evidence Welcome To Canada Tour 2018
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Atmosphere with Evidence, Rhymesayers – Welcome to Canada Tour

Break North Radio Trish Kiwanuka Thu Mar 15th

Hey all,

What's Good? 

Last nights show at the London Music Hall was pretty live. For a Wednesday night show it ended up being the perfect way to get through the week. Hip-hop music any day is a good dose of medicine, but needless to say, for a Wednesday the crowd was pretty thick.

It was an early show, for those of us who work and All-ages at that. So the crowd was very diverse and eclectic. Overall good vibes.

Evidence showed and proved on the mic, debuting his new LP "Weather or Not" which the crowd eventually warmed up to. Near the end of his set he brought up a super fan named Justin to rap along with him. This part of his set was definitely a crowd pleasing moment. From that point on until the very last verse he spit the crowd was totally hyped for Evidence.

Slug of Atmosphere came out on time and was wearing his winter parka as if to say Canada is too cold, even indoors. It didn't take long before he took it off and got sweaty. Immediately the crowd was elated when he began rapping his more memorable tracks like, God Loves Ugly and hits form "When Life Gives you Lemons,You Paint That Shit Gold", had the fans of all age groups jumping up and down. 

Both him and Evidence mentioned how important is was to make friends with the sound man, repeatedly shouting him out. The sound man did as instructed and 'turned that shit up'. We were worried the floor might cave in.

At the very end of the night, Atmosphere brought Evidence back out for a collaboration track "Powder Cocaine". 

Thanks for coming to "Ontario" boys, the night was lit.
Enjoy these pics from the night :)