Too Many Zooz took the Rum Runners Stage

Never Enough Zooz!

Oshi Rathnayake Wed Mar 28th

We took Top 30 on the road, and London did not disappoint!

Too Many Zooz set the Rum Runners stage on fire with inescapable beats and smooth dance moves. A mundane foggy London night was brightened up by the brass-house trio from New York City, New York. If you have not heard of them (what rock have you been living under?) the three-man group is Matt Doe on trumpet and keys, Leo P on the saxophone and King of Sludge on percussion.

The mood for the night was set by Edmonton born Cadence Weapon with his rhymes. The rapper’s rhymes were set to the beats that had the crowd getting excited for the rest of the night. All the hockey fans out there appreciated the nod to Connor McDavid (not me – GO PENGUINS!). Check out his new self-titled album for some amazing storytelling!

There was no announcement, no fanfare. The King of Sludge stepped on to the stage and laid down a simple beat. Before we knew to expect it, Leo and Matt joined in an electrifying unison. The power behind the King’s beats mashed with the amazing dance moves of Leo and the relaxed demeanor of Matt set a wonderful dynamic.

It was an hour and a half of non-stop music, I have never witnessed such magic. I am still entranced by their performance. They have created a genre that has allowed them to rise from the subways of New York City and reach out thousands of fans around the world. They are not ones to forget where they have come from, ending the night with an audience selfie with their mascot - a "subway rat". So if you have a moment to be enamored check them out!