Guelph duo Tragedy Ann
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Alex Lam

Tragedy Ann, Live at Radio Western

Michelle Balderston Tue Nov 21st

Tragedy Ann is the musical collaboration of Braden Phelan and Liv Cazzola. Their sound is self-described as thrift-folk, an "amalgamation of well-worn musical fabrics that are repurposed and given new life in a bold and dynamic fashion." With Phelan tackling guitar and Cazzola switching roles on accordian, ukulele, and occasionally saw, the result is a unique combination of lush layers, silky harmonies, and story-driven songwriting. 

The duo released their debut EP, "Stumbling," back in 2016 and are currently working on a full-length release. In the middle of a set of shows around Southwestern Ontario, Tragedy Ann stopped by Radio Western for a live studio-session full of new and old tracks alike. Check out the audio for their performance on the Top 30 Countdown along with an interview with Radio Western DJ David Seston, live at Radio Western, below!