PARTYNEXTDOOR - From Mississauga to collabing with Kanye

Gobs Thu Jul 26th

It's so good to see Mississauga born rapper. PARTYNEXTDOOR, contributing to a couple songs on KANYE WEST'S new album, YE

Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, aka PARTYNEXTDOOR, is one of several young rappers and vocalists solidifying The 6ix as an important scene in the world of modern Urban music. For any Canadian Hip Hop enthusiast that has spent decades frustratingly watching Canada be ignored by the greater Hip Hop community, these are exciting times. Considering the huge names that Brathwaite has been collaborating with as of late, he may very well be on his way to joining DRAKE and THE WEEKND as chart topping phenomenons repping their Canadian home towns proper.

Like everything involving Kanye, his latest album os shrouded in controversy, but one thing I don't think anyone will argue about is that the contributions from PARTYNEXTDOOR are absolutely stellar! Check out both songs below.