Vote $10.50 in the Radio Western Referendum

Vote $10.50 in the Radio Western Referendum

Jennie Malone Tue Jan 16th

The University Students' Council at Western will host a referendum to determine the fee that undergraduate students pay to CHRW Radio Western as a part of their student fees. We are sure that you have lots of questions about how this is going to work, so here are a few FAQs regarding the referendum.


Radio Western Referendum FAQs


You might also be wondering how Radio Western uses that money that you give to us each year as a part of your ancillary fee. Here's a quick breakdown.


How does Radio Western Use your student fees?


Here's a breakdown of all of the ancillary fees that you paid for the 2017-2018 school year in addition to your tuition fees! We did some math for you also to find out that the current Radio Western fee is less than 1% of your total ancillary fees.


2017-2018 Student Ancillary Fees

What can $10.50 buy you anyways?


What can you buy for $10.50?


If you have any other questions regarding the referendum, please come by the station in the UCC, Room 250, send us an email at or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @chrwradio.