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Laurier Avenges Loss - Women's Lacrosse

Editorial Staff

It is hard to imagine that a University of Western team that plays Canada’s national sport, would get very little coverage and attention.  Now if you are thinking that this is about the Men’s and Women’s Varsity Hockey teams, you would be wrong, sort of.  Officially, Canada’s National Sports are Lacrosse and Hockey.  Lacrosse is the national sport of summer in Canada, and Hockey is the national sport in Winter.  Lacrosse, is one of the many sports at Western that are not highly featured in advertising and marketing, yet, if one were to attend a game, you would see that Lacrosse is intense, physical, fast-paced, and highly entertaining to watch.  Sportsmanship plays a large role in both the playing of the game and in the rule books.  Many times, players will collide or slash one another, and will either apologize or check with the opposing player to see if they are unharmed on the play.  If there is a penalty or flag, defensive players must play behind the offended player and also give them room in front to begin the play out of the penalty.  The physical nature of the sport alone, would make any normal human being feel some animosity towards their opponent after an infraction.  Lacrosse players, typically will show no sign of negative feelings, and will chalk the collision or violation up to being a part of the game, no more, no less.