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Western Mustangs Football Team's Head Coach Is "Optimistic" About The Homecoming Game Against Guelph Gryphons

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The Head Coach of the Western Mustang’s football team is “optimistic” that the team will be victorious in their Homecoming game against the Guelph Gryphons on Sept. 25. 

The team is excited to be back on the field after two years for their second Ontario University Athletics (OUA) game tomorrow at 6 p.m. in Guelph. 

The Guelph Gryphons are a “very talented” team, said the Head Coach of the Western Mustangs, Greg Marshall. 

The Mustangs last played the Gryphons in 2019, where they were victorious. They have high expectations of being successful again this year, said Marshall. 

The team will be keeping an eye out for the Gryphons receiver and kick returner Clark Barnes who is “very fast,” said Marshall. Barnes is known to be one of the most dangerous returners in the country.

This will be the Gryphons first OUA game of the season, leaving the Mustang’s having to feel out the process of the game since they don’t have any video footage to examine during practice, said Marshall. 

After being off for two years because of the global pandemic, the Western Mustangs started the season off strong last Saturday at the TD Stadium in London, with a 41–13 victory in their first OUA game against the McMaster Marauders.

“It was so good just to get back and playing again,” said Marshall. 

The game went “very well” and the fans “made a huge impact” on the energy of the game, he said. 

Going into the game, they knew that the McMaster Marauders were going to be a tough component, said Marshall. McMaster is one of the top teams in the country and had beat them in their last game in 2019. 

“The big difference in this game from 2019 was the play of the offensive and defensive lines” described Marshall. The team’s strategy on the field was “very impressive,” he said.

Player Keon Edwards destroyed his way to the end zone three times, shocking the sold-out stadium. Edwards is a leader on the team and has made a “serious effort and commitment to keep the team together,” said Marshall. “It was very very rewarding to see Kian have that type of game,” he added. 

Deionte Knight, a defensive lineman, also “played an extraordinary game” and it was “very impressive” to see him all over the field, he said. The team’s whole offensive line did an “exceptional job,” said Marshall. 

With the next game ahead, coach Marshall doesn’t want the team to be “complacent,” he said. 

The goal is to improve in practice and get better every week, he added. 


Interview written & conducted by Alexandra Laham