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2018 Ontario Summer Games

Stefan Nichol

The Ontario Summer Games continued over the weekend with archery events taking place at the Crumlin Sportsmen Association in the east end of the city. 59 archers, 18 using a recurve bow, 41 using a compound bow, competed in the Double-720 event on Saturday where archers fire 6 arrows per round for 12 rounds before breaking for lunch then doing it all over again. Total score wins. These young athletes returned on Sunday to square off against each other in elimination match play.

One standout in the tournament is Abiggail Bunn who has recently won the Target Provincials in Ottawa, the 3D Provincials in Muskoka, and has been named as a member of the team travelling to the upcoming Canada Winter Games. She is here in London representing Ontario East with her teammates including her friend Paige Allen and younger sister Kasey. Her next stop is the Canadian National Championships in Truro, Nova Scotia being held August 3-6.

Here are the results from all competitions:

Day 1: Double-720

Girls Cadet Compound 
Abbigail Bunn    1230 (623 + 607) Gold
Makayla Dodds 1223 (610 + 613) Silver
Paige Allen       1175 (595 + 580) Bronze

Girls Junior Compound
Kathleen Johnson  1190 (593 + 597) Gold
Kendra Chirico       1125 (576 + 549) Silver
Madison Umbrasa 1007 (561 + 446) Bronze

Boys Cadet Compound
Dylan Villanueva 1282 (634 + 648) Gold
Evan Thomas       1254 (611 + 643) Silver
Cole McParland  1248 (620 + 628) Bronze

Boys Junior Compound
Jacob Bondy      1317 (662 + 665) Gold
Sheldon Bonell 1308 (645 + 663) Silver
Aidan King         1258 (624 + 634) Bronze

Girls Cadet Recurve
Brianna Dezzeeuw 1121 (631 + 638) Gold
Ryli Valliere             1109 (544 + 565) Silver
Amelia Gagne           996 (508 + 488) Bronze

Girls Junior Recurve
Emily Brietkopf             1036 (515 + 521) Gold
Sandra Rapton-Siedule  818 (342 + 476) Silver

Boys Cadet Recurve
Ben Lee               1269 (631 + 638) Gold
Julian Murphy    1137 (578 + 559) Silver
Devaang Guplta 1122 (565 + 557) Bronze

Boys Junior Recurve
Reece Wilson-Poyton 1191 (604 + 587) Gold
Zachary Langley           1180 (588 + 592) Silver

Day 2: Match Elimination

Girls Combined Cadet/Jr Flight A
Abbigail Bunn     Gold
Kathleen Johnson Silver
Makayla Dodds     Bronze

Girls Combined Cadet/Jr Flight B
Jennifer Bernard   Gold
Kassidy Lanteigne Silver
Kasey Bunn            Bronze

Boys Cadet Compound Flight A
Dylan Villanueva Gold
Cole McParland   Silver
Evan Thomas       Bronze

Boys Cadet Compound Flight B
Kruz Claro        Gold
Logan Rooney Silver
Kieran Hawes  Bronze

Boys Cadet Compound Flight C
Riley Austin            Gold
Walker Jessop        Silver
Thomas Campbell  Bronze

Boys Junior Compound
Sheldon Bonell Gold
Jacob Bondy     Silver
Aidan King         Bronze

Girls Cadet Recurve
Brianna Dezeeuw Gold
Monique Wun       Silver
Ryli Valliere           Bronze

Boys Cadet Recurve
Julian Murphy Gold
Victor Kalenda Silver
Ben Lee             Bronze

Combined Girls/Boys Junior Recurve
Emily Brietkopf            Gold
Reece Wilson-Poyton Silver
Zachary Langley           Bronze

For a complete list of results check the Ontario Association of Archers Website

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