Radio Western - Mustangs Volleyball

Mustangs Fall To National Champs

Greg Bowman

The Western Mustangs men's varsity volleyball team hosted the defending national champion Trinity Western Spartans who made the trip to Alumni Hall all the way from Langley B.C on Thursday night.

The first set saw a close and contested affair with the Mustangs staying right with the Spartans for the majority of the set. Both teams enjoyed small leads of only a maximum of 4 points before another lead change would ensue. The Mustangs had the Spartans on the brink with set point at 24-23, but were unable to close it out. The teams battled for a few more points but a net violation against the Mustangs gave the Spartans the two point lead they needed to win the set 26-24.

The Second set played out very similar to the first in it being a closely contested affair. The teams exchanged stellar hits, blocks and digs the entire set, not treating it like an exhibition game in the least. After the Mustangs covered a 4 point deficit to go ahead 21-19, the Spartans came marching back to take the set 27-25.