Toronto indie-rockers Fast Romantics
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Jen Squires

Toronto's Fast Romantics on their new LP "American Love"

From Bach to Rock Michelle Balderston Sun Nov 12th

This past April, Toronto indie rock six-piece Fast Romantics released their third full-length album American Love on Light Organ Records. The entire process took over two years, including a complete reinvention of the group's previous lineup and a move away from their hometown of Calgary.

While frontman Matthew Angus has described these changes as a sort of "resurrection" of the band, he also considers "every album [as] basically a new vision and a new project to tackle."

American Love finds Angus falling in love against a backdrop of social chaos and political strife. According to the singer, the album's themes formed during the band's tour in the United States over last year's presidential election. While the creation of American Love spanned Canada and the United States, Angus notes these thematic ideas definitely stem from the latter's unstable political environment. 

The following interview was conducted by Michelle Balderston for Wake Up Western. Listen to her chat with Angus where they discuss the new formation of the band, writing in New York, and shaping the sounds of American Love