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The Pack a.d.

Catch Us While You Can!

Super Rad James Gagnon Thu Sep 13th

Vancouver-based garage punk band, The Pack a.d. is retiring the old North American tour van after ten years of touring cross-country.

 “We’ve been doing it for a long time and it kinda feels like it’s a good moment to take a break and work on other projects” says Becky Black of The Pack a.d. in an interview with Radio Western. Black says she’s working on some other music projects, while drummer Maya Miller is also working on music as well as pursuing the craft of writing.

After all, it has been ten years since the band released their first album, Tintype, and ten years is a long time to be doing anything. With that said, the band is rereleasing that album, “It’s kinda funny” Black said,  “I got asked by our old label, they’re like ‘hey it’s been ten years since we put out Tintype, let’s put it out again. And we were like, ‘well yeah of course, why not?’” The band has redone all of the artwork for the album and it juxtaposes the sound of their newest album, Dollhouse, which they are also touring with.

The overall reaction for the rerelease has been really great, the record has been rereleased on gold vinyl.

Since Tintype’s release, the band has gained serious momentum in North America and across the Atlantic. Their music has been featured on Letterkenny, Riverdale, and Shameless (US). “I love it when people use our music, it’s the best!” Black says. “A lot of new people have discovered us through that so it’s a win-win.” With that said, we know the band will continue to create and inspire.

This is not the end of the band, they are just leaving the North American touring behind. Any band, nay, any person will tell you that the drive across Canada is exhausting. It’s beautiful especially when travelling from city to city, each interaction is unique.  “It’s just the last time I think we’re going to get in a van and cross the North American continent for the foreseeable future” Black said. Hence why this tour is the Catch Us While You Can Tour.

“I’m looking forward to this because we’ve been doing this for a lot, so a lot of it feels like it’s the same thing over and over again, except it isn’t, it’s different every time and at this point, since this is the last time that we do it for a while I’m looking at it as something to really treasure and remember, so I am looking forward to it in that way. It’s daunting of course, it’s a lot of touring and it’s a lot of time away from my dogs but I can manage it.”

You can catch The Pack a.d. at Call The Office in London on Tuesday, September 18th.


Sept 15 SuperCrawl - Hamilton, ON
Sept 17 Phog Lounge - Windsor, ON 
Sept 18 Call the Office - London, ON 
Sept 20 Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, ON
Sept 21 27 Club - Ottawa, ON
Sept 22 TBA - Montreal, QC