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The Weekly Rainbow - Nov 6, 2017

Trini Kaos Tue Nov 7th

This week's Rainbow Radio includes:

  • Interview with Adam Roy, a PhD Candidate here at Western in the Don Wright Faculty of Music, this year he is coordinating the International LGBTQIA+ Student Allyship Initiative for Western International, Equity and Human Rights Services, in collaboration with members of the USC and SOGS Communities. This project is more than just the International Week Event last week, and Adam will continue to focus on issues of visibility through poster and media campaigns in the coming year at Western.
  • Weekly roundup of events in the London Queer Community. Find out more here.
  • Ticket Giveaway! - Two Tickets for ScottVSRia concert at The Wave on November 14, 2017. Tune in next week for another chance to win!