DJ NDN Expanding Minds with the Indigenous Perspective

Gobs Sun Oct 6th

Ian Campeau, better known as DJ NDN, is Ojibwe, Anishinaabe, from the Nipissing First Nation. He is a co-founder and former member of the indigenous music collective known as A TRIBE CALLED RED. Since leaving the group, Ian has been focused on reclaiming his native language and using it to teach, mentor, and spread awareness about a multitude of social issues. Truly, Ian has found his calling. Everywhere he speaks, he expands the minds of those who hear his message. It was no exception when he sat down with TOP 30 COUNTDOWN host, GOBS, at HILLSIDE FESTIVAL

Ian is still taking DJ gigs around the country under his DJ NDN moniker. in a BONUS SEGMENT, Gobs got to ask Ian about how one goes about DJing with humility, and his answer was just as inspiring as his activism. Jump to 9:15 to hear it!

"We know the true value of our resources and it's not money. The true value of an apple is not $1.25. The true value of an apple is that if you eat you'll live 'til tomorrow"

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