Ivan Rivers creating Magic at Rum Runners

The LondonMOB 4.0: Celebrated Folk Icon Ivan Rivers!!!!!

Oshi Rathnayake Mon Dec 10th

Celebrated Folk Icon (and do we dare...Legend?) Ivan Rivers stopped at the LondonMOB to share his beautiful songs and let our listeners get a little peek behind the curtain. Rivers hails from Guelph, but he has found roots in London whilst expanding his horizons at Fanshawe College. 

His music has a sense of purity that is so often lost in modern music. Rivers has his roots in writing and it comes through in his clever lyrics. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album. 

This interview feels like two friends talking over some sweet tea, on rocking chairs, on a porch. It dives into Eternal Bummer Records, an archive of Huron County talent and all of Rivers extremely festive and sometimes depressing Christmas music. Check it out for some fantastic talent!

One of the interesting turns of the interview was the topic of mental health and how that can affect the creative process. The lesson of the day is that even the lowest of days can result in some of the most beautiful work an artist could do. 

Rivers is an extremely talented gem and while he constantly states that he is a self-proclaimed folk icon, he is not far from the truth. His talent should be spread, like love and joy.  

Check him out live! and when you do let him know Oshi sent you there and buy him a club soda WITH a lime.