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Oshi Rathnayake

LondonMOB 3.0: Aestrid!

Oshi Rathnayake Thu Nov 29th

LondonMOB had the unique pleasure of sharing the Top 30 on November 24th with some of the most special guests – Aestrid. Their first time in London was earlier in the year, and if you had caught that show, you would have caught yours truly squealing in Joy.

My first introduction to their music was through auto play in YouTube, and their music resonated with me. Their LTA, from earlier this year (shared below) was a complete performance.

Aestrid is a band from Soest, Netherlands who have found a second home in Canada. The ingredients of Aestrid include a dash of Bo Menning’s vocals and guitars, a dollop of JJJ Strielcken with bass and keys (the mesmerizing noise) and a pinch of Ray Murphy’s drums.  

They will be releasing their new album a Lake Inside in February of 2019.

Listen to the interview to gain an insight to how they make their music stand out and how sometimes it is easy to get lost in Hamburg.