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Canines & Cultures

Elijah Rae Sun Jun 9th

Hey everyone! So I have good news and bad news for all you Radio Western listeners.

The bad news is: Unfortunately, you’re all still stuck with me for the rest of the summer.

The good news is: There were a couple great festivals that took place this weekend that were not only tons of fun, but also very important for the city of London!


The first event I went to was the 35th annual Bark in the Park Festival, hosted by the Humane Society London & Middlesex. I can only imagine walking through the gates of heaven is similar to entering this festival, as I was immediately greeted by a sea of cute dogs rushing towards me. This festival had a lot of fun activities for dogs to partake in and for dog-lovers to admire such as Dock Diving (a crowd favourite), a Dog Luring Course, and a fantastic performance by The Ultimutts!

I was lucky enough to speak to Claire Belsheim, the Fund Development & Marketing Coordinator for the Humane Society London & Middlesex, about the importance of the festival in regards to raising proceeds that go towards finding a forever home for these canines companions. “What we really need, more than anything, is financial support because we’re a non-profit charitable organization [and] we don’t receive direct government funding at all,” said Belsheim. “A type of event like this…helps us raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Humane Society London & Middlesex, so with that money we use it to pay for medical treatments for animals in our community and shelter for them as well”.

Visit the Humane Society London & Middlesex at 624 Clarke Road if you’re looking to adopt a new companion. You can also support this amazing non-profit organization by donating online at www.hslm.ca!


The second event I attended was the London Multicultural Festival, hosted by the London Multicultural Community Association. The event took place at the Covent Garden Market, and the entire outdoor market was packed with people from various diverse backgrounds. It was a chance for people to learn and experience new cultures that are emerging in London, and if I must say so myself, it was an absolute success!

While the entire event was a lot of fun, the performances and the food that I got to experience were definitely the highlights for me. From the delectable Danish Double Dutch cookies to the savoury Mici (a Romanian delicacy), the only negative experience taken away from the food at this festival was that I couldn’t try more of it. The performances that I was able to catch at the festival were also very entertaining, as I watched the Soul Dancer Academy (Chinese and Tibetan dance group) and the Terry Greene & the Golden Harps Steel Orchestra (Trinidadian music group) give some beautiful insights into their lovely respective cultures. It was a festival that I definitely indulged in and I can’t wait for their return next year!


That’s all for me this weekend, but I’ll be back next weekend for another look into what’s going on around London this summer. If there’s a festival that you’d like to see me at, send me an email at elijah@radiowestern.ca !