Guitarist Sarah Teflissi, drummer Jonah Gillespie, and vocalist Maddie Holden groove mid-set
Media Credit
Ben Crawford-Thompson

You Too Will Know Their Name

James Gagnon Wed Jan 16th


A new name has emerged in the London music scene.

Allodays, local London band, opened for Anela & The Early Hours, Callahan, and John’s Cottage last Friday at Rum Runners, their first large venue show.

Friends, family, and music lovers were all blown away by the enthusiasm that the Fanshawe band brought to the stage. The band’s excitement was contagious, and it was refreshing to see their friends and family singing along to songs they knew.

Maddie Holden, lead vocalist of the band, said afterwards, “I think it went so good! We put a lot of time, and effort, and practice into this.” The set was a half-hour long, and the group managed to maintain the same level of intensity throughout their set. Even during a slower song, a bold move executed phenomenally. The setlist was designed with care, keeping the audience locked. What was also amazing, and did not go unnoticed, was the band’s transitions between songs. Seamless. This goes to show the amount of care that Allodays puts into their performance.

“It was the best opening set we’ve seen in a while,” said Kieley Forsey, a Western graduate. “Usually you get a lot of openers that are pretty tired of opening for a band, but they were good!” Forsey’s words hold true. The band demonstrated tight musicianship and put on a show. It was easy to see that the group wanted to be there. They wanted the audience to match how exhilarating the show was for them. Allodays is a band not just to be heard, but to be experienced.

Allodays is composed of Maddie Holden (vocals), Sarah Teflissi (vocals and guitar), Chris Ma (guitar), Eric Loree (bass), and Jonah Gillespie (drums). “We started in the beginning of September,” said Gillespie. The group met in Fanshawe’s Music Industry Arts program, drawing from diverse backgrounds in music. “It’s really a mix of a bunch of genres,” said Ma. “I play punk music, Jonah plays rock music, Maddie plays jazz, Sarah’s an indie singer, and Eric – he’s a jazz bassist.”  

Keep an ear out for them as they plan to do a few more shows in the next month and hope to release music this year.

Find Allodays at Old East Bar on February 1st with Bad Western and SHOOBIES.

$5-PWYC, doors at 8:00pm, music starts at 9:00pm.


Photo credits to Ben Crawford-Thompson
Instagram: @bencrawfordthompson