Bobbi Redd

Don't Come Around by Bobbi Redd

Netanya Thomas Tue Nov 20th

Bobbi Redd’s album, “Don’t Come Around” released on September 7th, 2018, is comprised of four very unique songs. Released almost a year after Redd’s debut album, “Smile”, this incredible songwriter drops another smash hit album. Overall, I really enjoyed her album. I thought all Redd’s songs showcased her mellow, coy voice with a wide range. It is very rare you hear a woman hit those incredibly low notes without butchering it and she nailed it. Her music put me in an extremely relaxed mood. The songs on this album vary in tempo, beat and emotion so that there is something for every mood you may feel. My favourite song on the album and the first song on the album is “Head and Heart”. It’s so calm upbeat and catchy. Honestly, I could not get this song out of my head for the next couple days. “Head and Heart” is the type of song that makes me want to snap my fingers, tap my toes, put on my pjs and flop around to what I classify as dancing. It is a warm welcome to her album that makes you want to keep listening. 

“The Cost”

This song has a much slower tempo. Still mellow and showcases her haunting range and draws on emotions of love, and freedom. 


This song screams for attention as it is much angrier and aggressive. I feel this song specifically leans towards more rock or is trying way to hard to gain a more edgy rock look that the album losses part of its momentum. The miniature guitar solo in the middle that sounds like a siren is in the background: too many layers of music at once. Yet, “Attention” is far more upbeat than any of the other songs on her album with a steady guitar. 

“Sky Blue”

“Sky Blue” is an beautiful song with such smoothing trumpets. Everything about this song from the lyrics to the vocals to the instrumental music is amazing and ties the song together to create such a carefree song. Some of my favourite lyrics “counting dollar counting fear counting miles counting years – song beautifully do these things make you smile. 

I will be honest. When I first heard Bobbi Redd, I thought her music was outdated and unoriginal, but this new album showcases much more vocal range and artistry then ever before. The whole album was unique and exhibited her infectious voice in new lights that I couldn’t get enough of.