Jennifer Castle

Angels of Death by Jennifer Castle

Anika In't Hout Mon Nov 19th

Jennifer Castle’s newest album, Angels of Death, was dropped in May earlier this year and it is the first album she has released since the release of her album Pink City back in 2014. The new album has an incredibly interesting blend of gospel-inspired country folk songs all revolving around themes of loss, death, confusion and anger. Through her songs, Jennifer Castle reveals the emotions and sentiments that come when one experiences loss. 

Okay, I need to admit something. While I occasionally like a good romantic country song, I often will run for the hills when I hear folk music. So, when I initially listened to Angels of Death, I was not a big fan. However, after listening to a couple more times and hearing about the pain and frustration that Jennifer Castle has had with loss in the lyrics, this album actually grew on me. My favourite songs on the album were “Texas” and “Rose Waterfalls,” as they both have a nice upbeat country beat despite their sad messages about loss and family. I loved how Castle writes about how death and grief take many forms including pain, sadness, emptiness and memories. Moral of this story, don’t knock an album or a genre before you listen to the lyrics.  

Make sure you go check out Jennifer Castle when she performs in London on November 29th at 7:00pm at Rum Runners