Jorun Bombay


Gobs Fri Jun 1st

JORUN BOMBAY was an unsung hero of Canadian Hip-Hop, serving as a mentor in the success stories of CLASSIFIED and SKRATCH BASTID, while playing a father role in the Halifax Hip-Hop scene almost from its inception. I write "was" because, after many years of being eluded by the spotlight (like, 2 decades), Jorun slowly gained the attention of the true legends of turntablism, and funky breaks, respectively. Names like JAZZY JEFF, BIZ MARKIE, and GRAND WIZARD THEODORE could all be heard dropping his jams and praising him as one of the best remixers and instrumental editors in the game. Despite the support from major players, it took until around 2011 for labels to start knocking on his door. It's likely that Jorun, himself, still doesn't really know how or why it happened, but European labels (Soundweight, AE, Fresh Pressings, DWG) caught wind of his incredible discog of reworks and rare edits, offering to press them to vinyl, and when they did, the releases went flying off the shelves. The most amazing part of the story is that all this happened right when Jorun was ready to give up and call it quits. Today, he's riding a wave of proper recognition, and it's a ride that he truly deserves to be on. 



Check out one of the latest VINYL ONLY releases from JORUN BOMBAY, pressed by Halifax label, BLACK BUFFALO RECORDS. It's a totally fresh, smooth, and funky re-imaging of that classic STETSASONIC joint, ALL THAT JAZZ, complete with live instrumentation. Too dope!




Spend ONE MINUTE getting to know JORUN BOMBAY a little better, care of SERATO.