Mission, Principles and Vision


94.9 CHRW Mission Statement

To provide a comprehensive training program for volunteers from Western and the greater London area to deliver high quality campus/community radio programming, production and broadcasting.    


94.9 CHRW Principles

Provide an alternative to music and in-depth spoken word programming from that heard on other local radio stations.

  • Champion such values as freedom of expression, fairness, respect and accountability with regards to participation and programming.
  • Support, promote and create linkages amongst students, the University Students’ Council, Western and the London community.
  • Create and deliver programming by the most appropriate and efficient means and technologies possible.
  • Pursue alternative sources of revenue to reduce the financial burden on students.  
  • Be a positive force for social change in the community.


94.9 CHRW Vision Statement

  • 94.9 CHRW envisions a future where it will become an organization whose volunteers will develop the skills and experience to fully participate in the training of volunteers, the management of aspects of the radio station and the development of programming, in order to better reflect their community and its place in the World.
  • 94.9 CHRW is an outlet for the creative skills and energies of its communities.
  • 94.9 CHRW will create and distribute public news and information that is accurate, balanced and trustworthy.
  • 94.9 CHRW will become a place where the World can hear the people and the stories of the people and communities that contribute to the make up of London, Ontario.