94.9 CHRW - Radio Western is a registered non-profit with a Board of Directors that is currently composed of eight voting directors and two non-voting directors. As per the requirements of the CRTC Campus Radio Policy, Radio Western's Board of Directors includes "a balanced representation from the student body and representation from the administration of the post secondary institution; station volunteers and the community at large."

Board members influence the direction of specific projects that include long-range planning, fundraising, marketing, outreach, and technology implementation.

Board members typically sign up for 2 year terms.
For additional information, please review the Radio Western Board Application page.   

Radio Western Board of Directors Governing Manner and Code of Conduct

The three main tenets of Board Governance in regards to Radio Western are:

  1. Accountability and Authority
  2. Strategic Leadership
  3. Effective Decision-Making

Board Members:

Tim Whelan - Chair, Community Volunteer
Aleeshia Carman - Secretary, Student Non-Volunteer
Dr. Melissa Younano - Community Volunteer
Steve Kopp - Faculty
Graden Levi Middel - Student Non-Volunteer
Stefan Knezevic - Student Volunteer
Tobi Tayo - Student Volunteer
Bruce Urquhart - Community Non-Volunteer


Radio Western Board of Directors Role Description - What is the aim of the Radio Western Board and what role can you fill?

Radio Western Mission, Principles & Vision Statements - The big picture of Radio Western

Radio Western By-Law #1 (Updated 2014)  - Basically our bible and the rules we apply to as a Not For Profit and Volunteer-Run Organization


The Undergraduate Students of Western University provide the majority of funding for CHRW.
Radio Western is a member of the National Campus Radio Association.
Radio Western is a member of the Community Radio Fund of Canada.
Radio Western is a member of the Pillar Nonprofit Network.

The CRTC regulates all broadcasting in Canada. Here are some recent CRTC documents regarding Campus & Community Radio that might interest you: