Radio Western Funding Breakdown


68% is dedicated to facilitating quality training and volunteer opportunities

Most of our budget goes towards ensuring that we have the best people in place to provide guidance and training to volunteers. This also includes paid opportunities for students, as well as volunteer honoraria and recognition.



14% is dedicated toward licensing and operating expenses

We support musicians and songwriters through subscriptions like SOCAN and FACTOR that distribute royalties and artist grants. Our subscriptions also include tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Pro Tools production software so that you can create professional level content. And of course, we have boring business expenses like insurance, postage and office supplies.



14% is dedicated toward specialized, high-tech equipment

Running a radio station requires specialized high-tech equipment including a broadcast transmitter, soundboards, microphones and more. 14% of our budget is used to purchase and maintain all the gear necessary to record and broadcast both audio and video content.



4% is dedicated toward covering live sports & music

Every year Radio Western broadcasts more than 40 live sports games in addition to multiple live music broadcasts around campus and in the London community.