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Radio Western Departments

NOTE: While we do not have the volunteer capacities that we have had prior to COVID-19, we are still accepting some volunteers on a case-by-case basis, as we are always looking for fresh & exciting content. If you are interested in getting involved with the station, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

  • Marketing & Promotions Department

    The Marketing & Promotions Department is responsible for letting everyone know what is happening at Radio Western and in the community, including on-air giveaways and RW sponsored events.

  • Music Department

    The station procures and catalogues music under the direction our Music Department Coordinator.

    The department maintains the new release library (3 months International, 6 months Canadian) in the on-air studio and the back-catalogue library.  

    In addition, the department compiles and files music charts (Earshot / CMJ) with various trade publications and for general distribution.  Charting is an important process at CHRW, you can help to drive local musicians to the top of the charts and gain exposure nationwide. 

  • Music Programming

    The Music Programming Department is responsible for coordinating all programming to be broadcast.  The Program Director oversees the on-air studio, schedules all shows, and produces daily log sheets. Join

    The programming department is also responsible for evaluating shows and making changes to the schedule.  

  • News & Spoken Word Departments

    Radio Western is one of the only campus stations that do daily live broadcasts on-air and create posts on our website.  The News Coordinator  is there to help you find stories of interest that impact campus and London.

    We also have a dedicated Spoken Word Department covers programming that explores “long form” topics and can be in the form of poetry, specific issues, and radio plays - basically anything that isn’t focused on music.

  • Radio Production

    The Production Department is responsible for creating the recordings that are used at various times throughout the broadcast week.  

    Responsibilities include producing ads, show promos, station identifications, and other special projects as they come up such as Canadian Productions (the 701 stream).

     You can receive training in the production department through the Radio Production stream. Here you can learn mic technique, how to use Adobe Audition or ProTools to record and create promotional material and how all of the promotional material is integrated with the stations programming.

  • Sports Department

    You can learn to call games, gain interview experience, and write stats.

    We are the only campus station that exclusively calls and airs live sports coverage. This coverage can preempt regular broadcasts on our FM signal, or they are aired through our online stream.