About Radio Western

Founded in 1981, CHRW aims to provide a voice to Western and London communities. We are deeply-rooted in developing capacity in our communities through volunteerism and training.

Radio Western is licensed as London's Campus & Community Radio station, and it's unlike any other radio station in London! The programming you hear on CHRW is almost 100% created by Western students and community members, it has a mandate to look outside what commercial radio stations and CBC are doing, and it's been ahead of a common trend of giving media access back to the community! CHRW has a long history, dating back to October 31, 1981; and in it's current form it is governed by a Board of Directors made up of students, community members and volunteers. This Board has evolved over time, but one of the things it came up with is the CHRW Mission, Principles & Vision statements which guide the station.

While "Radio Western" is the legal name of the non-profit that runs the station, "CHRW-FM" are the official call-letters that industry Canada uses to label all radio and television stations. You may know that the 'RW stand for "Radio Western"...the C and H don't mean anything.