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All Women’s Voices Day is a Radio Western tradition.

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 is the 28th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, the day when 14 women studying at École Polytechnique were murdered by a lone gunman.

In remembrance of that day Radio Western has been programming a special day of broadcasting for over 20 years called All Women’s Voices.

Radio Western is programming 24 hours of music, interviews, spoken word content, and live performances in our incredible studio.

All Women’s Voices will be broadcast on our FM signal at 94.9FM from 12AM until 11:59PM. Listen online at

Special guests include two San Francisco designers who are redesigning the speculum, Kim Alpert, a Chicago artist, musician and creative strategist, Najwa Zebian, a London poet and author (featured on TED Talk), Nikki Brew, Director of Pride London, Jess Santos of the Punk Rock Flea Market, and more! To see the entire list of guests, scroll to the bottom of this page (past the schedule).

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Show Schedule:

Click on the Show Name in the list below to listen to the archive.

Time Host Show Name Guest
12:00am MC Sum-01 The Consignment Show  
2:00am Pamela Haasen & Susan Anthony Femmes in Film  
2:30am Pamela Haasen Your Voice Here - Kim Alpert Kim Alpert
3:00am Pamela Haasen Your Voice Here - YONA Hailey Stewart, Fran Wang, and Rachel Hobart
4:00am Chase March/MC Sum-01 Bond Rap Radio  
5:00am Emelia K DBG Radio - All Women's Voices  
7:00am Meagan Lobzun Cover Girl  
9:00am Michelle Balderston Wake Up Western Mirage (live band)
11:00am Pamela Haasen Say It Loud, Say it Proud Shannan Pakulis, Savanah Sewell and Paula Jesty
12:00pm REPLAY Femmes In Film  
12:30pm REPLAY YONA interview Hailey Stewart, Fran Wang, and Rachel Hobart
1:00pm Mary Lou Smoke and Kim-meh #mmiwg  
1:30pm Ashley Desjardine Voices Into Action Jess Santos (PRFM)
2:00pm Nicole Bardawill and Clara Benedek Kill Yr Idols 2.0  
3:00pm Kim-meh Women's Music Medecine  
4:00pm MC Sum-01 Women of Hip-Hop  
5:00pm Ashley Desjardine Voices Into Action Najwa Zebian
5:30pm Ashley Desjardine Voices Into Action Nikki Brew
6:00pm Gillian Carrabre Elektribe  
7:00pm DJ Mediafrenzy AWV - Mediafrenzy  
8:00pm Pamela Haasen He For She Western/Spot of Delight Danielle Perro / Jess Rueger
8:30pm Amanda Lynn Stubley For The Folk  
10:00pm Pamela Haasen & Ashley Desjardine Every Woman's Voice  


Guest Links:

Najwa Zebian - poet, author, spleaker (LDN)

Mirage (band, LDN)

Kim Alpert -  Maker, artist, musician, speaker (Chicago)

Hailey Stewart - Industrial Designer (Frog Design/Yona Care, San Francisco)

Fran Wang - Mechanical Engineer (Frog Design/Yona Care, San Francisco)

Rachel Hobart - Visual Designer (Frog Design/Yona Care, San Francisco)

Nikki Brew - Director, Pride London (LDN)

Jess Santos - Punk Rock Flea Market Organizer (LDN)

Danielle Perro - He For She Western (LDN)

Jess Rueger - Spot of Delight proprietor (LDN)

Shannon Pakulis - Sports Broadcaster - Western University

Savanah Sewell - Events Manager (LDN Girls Rock Camp, Grickle Grass, Winter Spectacular, LDN)

Paula Jesty - Media Producer (M.I. Understanding, LDN)


Partners of All Women's Voices Day 2017:

Women's Events Committee

Deanna Ronson Style and Image Consulting

He For She Western


Support Services of All Women's Voices Day 2017:


Assaulted Women's Helpline

London Abused Women's Centre

Safe Space London


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