News Update

Newscast November 27th 2020

Anjali Singh


  • There 27 new COVID-19 cases reported Friday in the Middlesex-London region, racking the numbers up to 1545 confirmed cases
  • According to the London Health Sciences Centre there are 26 hospital staff members who have contracted the virus, with five outbreaks declared at the University Hospital. At the time there are only 23 inpatient cases.
  • New contact tracing shows that five cases were connected to an outbreak. Two of these originate from international travel, five including people who have been in contact with a known case and five with no known link.
  • During the Middlesex London Health Units COVID-19 media briefing Thursday, Mayor Ed Holder reminded Londoners about following gathering limits and obeying health orders. "Please exercise restraint and responsibility when it comes to considering house parties or having multiple people over. We've seen over the last number of days [that] police and our own bylaw enforcement officers are not shy about issuing those $10,000 [fines] for hosting these types of gatherings, but those in attendance also face fines," he said.
  • He went on to emphasize the multiple fines handed out since this past weekend which included three people organizing an anti-lockdown rally at Victoria Park on Sunday and two women who were charged on separate occasions for hosting parties with over 10 people on the weekend.


  • Ever since Western has capped its dorm gathering sizes to 2 people per room on September 18th Dons are cracking down on gatherings. 
  • Two Sophs who were in a room assisting a troubled first year student started getting worried when they noticed too many people entering after hearing voices through the door. 
  • After the Dons came to write up about 16 people in the room the Sophs emphasized that 
  • “We had no excuse, even if we tried to explain our situation they wouldn’t listen, just because we did break COVID-19 protocol,” said White. “I was telling the dons ‘if you’d just come five minutes later, we wouldn’t have been here’ but it was just wrong place, wrong time.”
  • Both Sops were removed from residence, given less than 3 days notice to leave their homes with no refunds. 
  • Dons, Sophs, and Residence managers are struggling to adapt to these new and ever changing rules regarding write-ups and vague room capacity rules.
  • Sophs and students agree that they are walking on eggshells so often that their building doesn’t feel like a home to them, and that instead of instilling fear there should be strides towards more effective leadership and a more positive student experience.  


  • London police have issued a ticket to Henry Hildebrandt, the controversial pastor of Aylmer who organized the anti-mask rally in London this past weekend at Victoria park.
  • The ticket was issued for violating guidelines set by the Reopening Ontario Act whereby outdoor gatherings cannot exceed 25 people.
  • Hildebrandt has been a predominant force behind the anti-restrictions movement across Southwestern Ontario.
  • However, he is not alone. 
  • The three organizers of London’s so-called “freedom rally” in Victoria Park last Sunday are all facing charges under Ontario’s emergency laws that prohibit large gatherings.
  • Charges have also been laid on the organizers of the rallies in Chatham-Kent, and the massive protest in Aylmer that saw 2000 people in attendance.


  • Today has seen a similar pattern as the past two days with cloudy skies that threaten rain. The daytime high of 5 is behind us and overnight the mercury will dip to freezing with light showers across the city. 
  • Tomorrow will see more of Mr. Sun and clear skies with an afternoon high of 4 and low of -1. On Sunday we will have day time highs close to 8 and above freezing overnight temperatures. 
  • The clouds are set to return on Monday with vengeance. 
  • Currently it is 2 degrees outside our studios with clouds and light showers.